If you have dogs,  you know the smell that comes with them. And I’m not talking about what emanates from their backside. (Although that smells, too.) It’s just a fact of dog ownership that dogs smell like dogs.


If you’re like me, a weekly bath and bedding wash needs to happen. If you’re also like me, that doesn’t happen weekly, as it should. We have so many dog beds in the house that it’s several loads in the washer, and I generally only do one load of dog bedding per week. (I slack. I know.) This means that some beds are a few weeks between washings, or worse. These are the beds that smell like dog.

The smell seems to penetrate to the depths of the bed, and I am convinced that there is a secret core that locks away stink and keeps it safe while in the washing machine. No matter what kind of laundry soap I use, it doesn’t seem to erase that smell. The addition of bleach to the laundry cycle sometimes doesn’t even cut that odor. The locking core is a tough vault to crack.

While I was at BlogPaws conference last week, I was introduced to a product called Fresh Wave Laundry Booster. Fresh Wave is a company committed to taking the stink out of life, with all natural ingredients – no harsh chemicals or perfumes here! They offer room sprays, candles, pet shampoo, laundry boosters, vacuum beads, and so much more. They’ve really thought of everything, and have a product to take the stink out of that place or item, too.


When I came home from the conference, I realized that the dog beds were in need of washing. Again. I tossed two in the washer, used some Fresh Wave Laundry Booster, and went about my day. After the dryer did it’s job of heat-sealing remaining smells into the very fibers of the beds, I gave the freshly-washed bedding a good sniff.

I smelled nothing.

You’re a dog owner, so you know this is a big deal. I didn’t smell dog, which means that the Fresh Wave Laundry Booster was able to unlock that core vault that holds dog stink. It also means that it cleaned that vault so well that there were no remaining smells to heat-seal into the fibers during the dry cycle. And it means that there were no perfumes to hide scents, making you think it’s stink-free when in reality, it’s not. I smelled nothing at all, and it was beautiful.

If you need something to help with the dog smell in your home (or car, or in the nursery, or just to freshen your home) be sure to check out Fresh Wave. I’m a believer.

FYI – I purchased mine on Amazon, where it cost $11.99 for a 24 oz bottle, and with Amazon Prime, shipping is free, but you can also get this at Bed Bath & Beyond, Ace Hardware and other places that may be local.

*This was not a sponsored post, and I am not being compensated in any way to tell you how amazing these products are. I’m just a raving fan who wants to help others live a stink-free life, too.


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