How do I keep my dog from overheating in the summer?

If you’re a french bulldog owner, this is a question that’s crossed your mind frequently, but no matter the breed of dog you love, summer can be brutal for dogs.
I’ve found that dogs are like people in regards to summer temperatures. Some love it, and others just can’t tolerate it very well. Our french bulldog, Jill, loves to sunbathe on the patio. She’s always moving out of the shadow, and basking on the hot pavers. Louie, however, is the complete opposite. He’s always looking for shade to lay in.
No matter which of my two dogs your pet resonates with, knowing how to keep your pet cool in summer is smart. Avoiding overheating is always the best choice, of course. Here are some helpful hints on staying cool when summer heats up.
* Keep your dog hydrated. Fresh, cool water should always be available.  The addition of ice cubes may be appreciated. Our blue heeler loves to fish those out and crunch them up.
* Offer shade when you’re outside. You may love sitting on your deck or patio, but your dog may appreciate a small canopy or blanket draped between chairs to get out of the hot sun.
* Avoid walking on hot concrete. If it’s uncomfortable for you to walk barefooted on a hot surface, your dog feels the same.
* Dogs heat and cool through their feet. If your dog needs help cooling off, stand him in water, run water over his feet, or in extreme cases, wipe his paw pads with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol evaporates faster than water, allowing the dog to rid himself of excess heat faster. (This is what sweating does for us.)
* A kiddie pool is great for dogs to splash in on hot days.  Jill appreciates the offer and stand or lays in hers on the hottest of days. Louie is very sure it’s a large bathtub and won’t go near it. If your dog is the water type, it may be a great addition to your patio this summer.
* Frozen treats are just as fun for your dog as they are for you. Pinterest and Google have many ideas on how to make homemade frozen treats for your dog, or you can simply freeze some fruit for him to snack on.

*My favorite way to stay cool in the summer is to head to the woods. The deeper we are in the forest, the cooler it is. There is the added bonus of exercise, fresh air, and time spent with your dog doing something you love.

Enjoy summer, and stay cool out there!
Good news! We finally got the DNA results back from our puppy! That was a super long wait for us. Did it feel that long to you, too? We have a winner from our Guess The Breed contest! It was a bittersweet email that I received, containing her heritage. As many of you know, we lost our sweet dog in a tragic accident last week. It’s fun to know who she was, but our time with her was far, far too short.
The results are as follows:
25% miniature poodle
25% Jack Russell terrier
12.5% Vizsla
37.5% mixed breed groups of terrier, herding and sporting
Who is as shocked as I am by these results? I never would have guessed vizsla, although I see that she has that head  and coloring. I also would never have guessed poodle. While her heritage was baffling and mixed-up, she was a cute and well loved little girl.
There were two responses that had JRT in her mix, as well as another terrier. I used a random generator to pick a winner. Congratulations, Michelle, you get a $25 shopping spree! Please email me at to claim your prize.

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