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It’s not an easy chore to change dog tags between collars, or to remove for washing. The tag loop is here to make that chore one that you’ll never get frustrated with again.

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The tag loop allows you to change your pet’s ID tags quickly and easily between collars, or to remove them when you wash the collar. Simply attach your dog’s tags to this loop and snap it onto the collar. This will fit over a 1″ wide collar (or smaller, of course). There is no danger of this falling off or coming loose. Our dogs roam our 4 acres, in and out of brush, and their tags are always clearly displayed and come home with them. As you can see in the last photo, the tags don’t hang lower than they normally would, either.

The tag loops have endless possibilities! Use them to attach your keys to your backpack or belt loop, to tether baby’s binkie in the car, to wrap around computer cords for neat travel… You’ll definitely want more than one!


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